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Episode 1: National Burger Chains

When we talk about fast food, we often think of burgers. Our generation grew up on Happy Meals as a treat. But as years passed, how have things changed? Are our preferences still the same? What does the future of Fast Food Burger Joints look like when it comes to the Millennial Generation?

Find out more as we talk about these 3 Fast Food Burger Chains.


Today, we cover:

In-n-Out Burger

Our Subject Matter Expert is:

Robert Naquin – Fast Food Freelance Photographer

Favorite saying 🗯: Any pizza can be a personal pizza if you try hard enough, and believe in yourself.

📍 Houston based culinary enthusiast

🍟 Certified Fryaholic

Find him at @Boomtownbites


Our Millennial Interviews Include:

Zach Casler

Zach Casler is the CEO of Dindr, a dining experience discovery app. He’s a die hard foodie with an foodstagram boasting over 14,000 followers. He lives in Austin, TX and loves to cycle and eat BBQ.

You can grab the app here –


Catherine Le

Catherine runs a blog called Life with Catherine. The blog focuses on food, travel, fashion and lifestyle. She also has a foodstagram @eatingwithcatherine



Brian Moody

Brian Moody is partner and owner of KSM tools, an automotive tool distribution company. Recently having moved back to Houston from living in Korea, he plans on calling Houston home for good.




Episode 1: National Burger Chains
Millennials Plus Brands
Millennials Plus Brands

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